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We are happy to give you sex education with a dose of fun and what better way to start, than with terminology? On our sexpedia page you will be able to discover everything!

There is a lot to learn about sex. Very interesting and useful ; – ). We would like to give you sex education with a dose of fun and that starts with terminology of course! On our sexpedia page you will be able to discover everything!


Also known as the clit. The clitoris is the most sensitive spot of the vulva and mostly exists of cavernous bodies. The cavernous bodies run under the skin through the vulva and along the vagina. The tip of the clitoris is the outermost and smallest part of the clitoris. The clitoris is therefore much more than just a little ‘pea’ or ‘bump’.

You find the clitoris between the inner labia, hidden under a ‘cap’. By caressing the clitoris a women can get an orgasm.

Erogenous zones

An erogenous zone, also known as a ‘hotspot’, is a place on your body that can induce sexual feelings when touched. Erogenous zones have many nerve endings and are therefore very sensitive. Some erogenous zones, such as your nipples, are also connected to the genitals. This allows for extra excitement. Touching the erogenous zones increases sexual tension, intimacy and pleasure. It is also possible that you reach an orgasm earlier due to the touch!

Looking for your erogenous zones… The best way to find your erogenous zones is by touch, you can do this yourself or with your partner. Try out different places and discover what turns you on. Discovering yourself is a good way to get to know your sexual needs. During your search you can also use a vibrator to increase the pleasure.

Most common erogenous zones by women If you don’t know where to start with the touch, you might want to try the erogenous zones below first

  • Boobs/nippels
  • Neck
  • Upper thighs
  • Hands
  • Lips


The g-spot can be found in the vagina. Stimulating the g-spot on an aroused woman feels extra nice and can cause the woman to cum. ⁠The g-spot is part of the clitoris and can be stimulated with fingers, during penetration or with a sex toy. When a woman ejaculates during g-spot stimulation, extra fluid can be released, also known as squirting. ⁠ Because the g-spot is not equally sensitive for every woman, not everyone can find the g-spot and squirt. If you haven’t found your g-spot yet, don’t give up if you haven’t tried everything yet. Women often think that their g-spot is not sensitive, but they simply can’t find it (unfortunately).


Your libido reflects the extent to which you have sexual needs. Libido is influenced by biological, psychological and social factors. Your libido can affect your overall mental and sexual well-being. During your cycle, your libido, or your sex drive, changes (no wonder you sometimes really don’t feel like it). If you have the idea that you often or constantly have a low libido, be sure to read further for tips to increase your libido

Want to increase your libido? Try the following tips!

  • masturbate. Masturbation arouses sexual desire. During masturbation, the hormone testosterone is produced, which increases your libido.
  • Watch porn or listening to erotic stories, just like masturbating this will arouse your sexual desire.
  • Make sure you eat healthy and get enough exercise.


Also known as masturbation or solo sex. Includes: stimulation of your own genitals to achieve sexual arousal.

Both men and women masturbate. Women often masturbate by stroking the vulva with fingers, also called ‘fingering’. But with masturbation it is also possible to use toys such as a dildo or vibrator. When you know your body well and know what you like, you can achieve an orgasm through masturbation. You can learn to masturbate

Do you want to take masturbation to the next level? Then try the tips below!

  • Use lubricant. It makes masturbating easier and nicer so that you come faster. Shop our pleasure gel via www.letpeep.nl.
  • Go somewhere other than the bed to break your routine. Variety keeps the tension high!
  • Use both hands. Caress your clitoris while inserting your other fingers.


Also called ‘the climax’. When you come during sex or during masturbation, there is an orgasm. During a female orgasm, the muscles of the pelvic floor contract. The contractions cause an exciting and pleasant feeling in the pubic area. The feeling can sometimes be felt throughout the body. ⁠A partner is not always necessary for an orgasm. By getting to know your body you can come yourself (possibly with the help of a toy)!

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