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Pleasure School

From vibrator use to the orgasm gap, this is where you will find fun and clear sex-education. We would like to teach everything about sex on our pleasure school page. We will take it easy, so that you can expand your knowledge in a fun way.

Maturbation, the ultimate self-care activity

In the past people used to think masturbation would make you deaf, but we’ve known for some time now that masturbation has more pros than cons! The most obvious reason for masturbation if of course that it can just be very pleasant, but it has many other positive effects than just that.

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The orgasmgap

On average, 90 percent of men reach an orgasm, for women this is only 30 percent. We are therefore facing an orgasm gap. In this blog we look at how this inequality arose and how we can change it. Because one thing is certain, the orgasm gap needs to be closed.

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Toy story

Each sex toy has its own purposes and are therefore different in use. When it comes to toys, there are so many options to choose from. To make a good choice, it is important you know how the toys work. This guide helps you on your way to the ultimate pleasure!

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Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies…they do something to you. They can be very pleasant, but they can also be accompanied with intense feelings of shame. This isn’t inexplicable, because how often do we really talk to each other about the things we fantasize about? Rarely.

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Peep’s User Guide

Lubricant professional or dummy? Let’s Peep welcomes all women. Our user guide offers a beginners guide for dummies and a slippery slide for professionals. Time to PEEP!

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There is a new player in town!

We believe in lubricant; amazing lubricant. For that reason, this is the only product we offer in our web shop. However, we are eager on the hunt for more great items. You can bet that you can find more beautiful things here in the future.

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