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Steamy Set | FeelzToys Lea Rabbit Vibrator + Let's Peep Lube

Steamy Set | FeelzToys Lea Rabbit Vibrator + Let’s Peep Lube

Go for this musthave set containing our Let's Peep lube with one of our toys! Because you're always supposed to start with lube, this set is essential for ultimate pleasure. With which toy will you combine?


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Delivery in 1-3 working days.


A Musthave set

With this set you have everything you need. Lube and a toy are inseparable, and only together can they truly shine. That is why we have put together these Let’s Peep sets. A little easier for you, but twice as much pleasure.

Let’s Peep Lube

Our Let’s Peep lube is water-based and is therefore completely toy-safe. Our lube goes with all the toys we offer at Let’s Peep, so you can be sure you’re in the right place. In addition, our lube has every feature women value. It’s non-staining, doesn’t dry up quickly and contains no artificial ingredients.


Did you know that all the toys we offer at Let’s Peep can be found with a set? Click on your favorite toy and at the bottom of the page you will find the complete set!


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The power of our sets


Because you should álways start with a lubricant…


…and achieve ultimate pleasure with a toy.


The ultimate combination for ultimate pleasure!

Hand with honey

Did you know…

That the part of your brain behind you left eye actually stops working during an orgasm? This makes focussing difficult and makes you feel only one thing: pleasure.

Other (negative) emotions? You don’t notice them for a while.

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