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Body & Mind: Mindful masturbation

In this blog we will discuss the best benefits of using sex toys. Whether you use them with your partner or alone. It is all possible! As long as you’re enjoying your pleasure.

Pleasure School: Mindful masturberen

When it comes to masturbation we easily slip into habits, we often think: as long as it gets the job done. But the one thing you miss is the feeling of ecstasy. You know what I’m talking about: it’s your journey to an orgasm, but after a while it feels more like eating a boring lunch, instead of enjoying a delicious meal. That’s why we are going to discuss mindful masturbation in this blog.

If you want to make masturbation fun again, mindfulness can give you a hand. Mindful masturbation is a technique that emphasizes creative exploration rather than “finishing”. By making a deep connection with your body and pleasure, you create room for sensations you may never have felt before.

What is mindfulness?

We all know what mindfulness is: in the process, you learn to focus on the present moment. Easier said than done! To become a more mindful person, you don’t need to meditate daily though. Instead, you can work on a “mental muscle” that brings you back to the present, rather than the past or future. By using mindfulness in and out of the bedroom, you can make your brain more aligned with sensations and pleasure.

What are the benefits?

There are lots of benefits to masturbation: it improves your sleep, helps to increase your self-esteem, releases tension and connects you to your sexual pleasure. But adding mindfulness to this mix is opening new doors, allowing you to feel even better in your mind and body. When you give yourself permission to explore, you create the opportunity to discover new ways to feel good and maybe even new ways to get an orgasm. We have 6 tips that will help you to learn more about mindful masturbation!

But how do you do it?

1. Keep a goal in mind

Ask yourself what you want to achieve when you start solo play. Do you want to try out a new toy? Is there a fantasy you would like to experience? Try to keep this goal in mind as you explore yourself. Remember: the goal of mindful masturbation is not to have an orgasm (it’s a nice bonus, of course), but to be more mindful of, and feel connected to your own body.

2. Put your “sexual toolbox” together

There are all kinds of factors that make masturbation more erotic, so collect your favorites! Candles, music, dim lighting, a mirror nearby… choose the things that make masturbating feel like a journey. If there is a toy you’ve been wanting to try this might be a great opportunity. For example, we love the Pom Vibrator. A flexible, waterproof and compact vibrator with five different settings.

3. Focus on your breathing

Our breath tells our body when we are stressed, excited, relaxed or ready for pleasure. It also stimulates blood flow, which helps with arousal. Once you’ve put your sexual toolbox together, take a moment to focus on your breathing. As you breathe, focus on the goal you have in mind. This is for you to relax and to allow yourself to be in the moment. If you find yourself wandering off to other thoughts (work, your to-do list, dinner), just return to your breathing and connect with each inspiration and exhalation.

4. Look for different erogenous zones

One of the great things about having a human body is our abundance of nerve endings, also known as erogenous zones. Many are sensitive to touch, such as nipples, the inner thighs, lips and neck. To stimulate these zones, a toy can be useful. As you wander through different parts of your body, be aware of the way your body reacts. Does anything feel exciting? Irritable? Too sensitive? Asking these questions while you’re busy may take some effort but it’s worth it. After a few times you will feel more and more in harmony with your body.

5. Be your own lover

In order for mindful masturbation to work, you need dive in it with love and kindness for yourself. Focus on the things that bring you pleasure, discomfort is also allowed. Think about it, what went well and what would you like to try next time? By reflecting on your experience, you deepen the connection to your sexual self.

6. Exercises for your pelvic muscles

Even if you’re not masturbating, there are still ways to increase your sexual mindfulness. You can do some exercises for your pelvic floor. This will help you to get a more intense orgasms. Once you get into a daily “work-out” routine, you’ll soon notice the benefits.
And remember: there is no wrong way to masturbate. But by using this technique, you might discover that your body’s pleasure map is even bigger than you realized.

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Pleasure School: Mindful masturberen

Body & Mind: Mindful masturbation

In this blog we will discuss the best benefits of using sex toys. Whether you use them with your partner or alone. It is all possible! As long as you’re enjoying your pleasure.

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