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Peep tips: Ohnut Soft Buffer Rings

The tricky thing about buying a sextoy is that you often have to base it on reviews of 1 or 2 lines. And this while pleasure is very personal. Today we have a new tip for you, the Ohnut Soft Buffer Rings.

Peep tips: Ohnut Soft Buffer Rings
Photo courtesy of House of Dame Products

Almost 75 percent of all people with a vagina experience pain during sex. It’s about time this changes! The Ohnut Soft Buffer Rings are designed to make sure you’re not concerned about whether deep penetration will hurt. Ohnut ensures that you and your partner can focus on what matters most; connection, pleasure and joy.


The Ohnut Soft Buffer Rings are known to be the lifesaver for those who suffer from pain during sex or when there is a difference in size between partners. Couples struggling with this problem have often tried all sorts of things: taking plenty of time for penetration, moving slowly, lots of lube. But in most cases it is not enough.
Ohnut might be a solution. The rings are so comfortable that you will hardly notice that you are wearing them. The rings stretch and can be worn by all men. They can also be combined with female-friendly sex toys. The Soft Buffer Rings can be considered an extension of your body for extra pleasure.
The Ohnut is easy to put on. It may feel a little tight so be sure to use enough lube while placing it. It is important to find out together the best way to use the Ohnut, because there are several ways. It all depends on the desire of you and your partner.

How do you get started?

You usually start with a set of four. If you don’t feel any pain during sex, you can start reducing the number. But don’t rush into this, it’s better to take your time and see what amount is most comfortable for both of you. You probably won’t find the right depth in one go so keep an open mind about the trial and error process and most of all, keep communicating with each other.
The Ohnut itself is soft, elastic and comfortable to use. You can adjust the depth which provides a buffer between the penis and vagina. The penetration becomes a little less deep, but the man can still enjoy it just as much. The rings are easy to clean.

Taboo on painful sex

Ohnut believes that your bedroom can be a place of joy, the worries about painful penetration should be solved. We agree! They have partnered with many experts. Including well-known doctors of sexual medicine, holistic practitioners and countless compassionate people. Their mission is to help everyone make simple physical adjustments, but in loving to talk about way. Because that taboo of talking about sexual feelings and experiences needs to be removed from the world, and we agree!

We love Ohnut

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There is a new player in town!

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Maar, onze honger naar meer spetterende producten is nooit gestild. Dus je kunt er de donder op zeggen dat je hier in de toekomst meer moois kunt vinden.

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